Topic and Genre Declaration

For the Values of Science Project, the two texts we decided to analyze include a TED talk by materials scientist: Angela Belcher, whose work with abalone shells led her to seek to use viruses as potential sources of clean, renewable energy with a Georgia Tech article that displays the use of viruses in contributing to the recycling of carbon within marine environments in order to further maximize the ability of different types of life to survive in different parts of aquatic environments. Our desired medium that we will use to compose our argument will include a video with an attached script in order to combine both visual and written aspects to convey a message.

The value that our group desires to explore includes the values of science as being able to give life to nonliving structures so that the quality of life can be improved and abundance can be created without destroying the environment or bringing harm to the world around us. We decided to choose this value as it appeals to the fundamental nature of science, to improve the lives of all it touches, and seeks to expand upon that fundamental value and, in doing so, improve upon this general idea to see if science can become truly better and touch the lives of even more people. In addition to this, we chose these two texts as they display how viruses, nonliving aspects of our environments that individuals normally associate with harmful and detrimental side effects and display how what was viewed as harmful can, actually, be seen as necessary components in creating an innovative, sustainable source of energy and an environment that is cleaner and more efficient in its ability to provide nutrients to the living organisms that live within particular environments such as the marine environment stated.

For the project, we delegated a number of roles. My job is to identify a number of confluences between the texts and how these confluences work to display the value that we claimed was the value of science. I will, then, work with Karissa in order to create a script that will be utilized in a video that we will create. We will both be in charge of renting the equipment necessary to produce the video and making sure that it works properly so that the actual filming process can proceed smoothly and without interruption. Then, we will both make sure that the film is properly edited and ready for viewing. The project is due in two weeks. The week of the 31st will be used to complete the script and make sure that we cover everything for the written aspect of the project while the week of the 7th will be used as the week that we film the necessary portion of our project. The weekend following the 7th will be used for last minute editing and making sure that everything works. I have committed to working in a group project and intent to carry out my designated portion to the fullest extent.

Two Texts: