I grew up always being told that, “I am what I ate.” This common saying inspired an interest in me as I always wanted to know more about how nutrition and what I consumed on a daily basis impacted who I was and what I could do which, naturally, led me to choose this print advertisement as the thought that sugar, a common substance found in many food items consumed on a daily basis, could have such an immense impact on the human body was a shocking claim. Though this advertisement was full of numerous rhetorical strategies such as using contrasting colors, words that grabbed the attention of the reader, and more, one aspect of the advertisement that I found difficult to analyze was the vague nature of piece; this vague nature often depended more on the reader immersing him or herself into the advertisement to interpret a deeper message than just simply stating their primary idea. By immersing myself into the advertisement, however, I was able to see how even the subtlest of techniques, such as the use of color or bolding in text, is able to have such a wide impact on the message that is trying to be conveyed, and this idea is the one that I intended for the audience to take away from the composition as it is often the most miniscule details that can have the largest impact on the pieceand message overall.