Throughout the duration of our project, the most successful part was seen to be the two differen tways that we decided to depict our projects. The first way, the website, allowed us to focus on conveying a generalized message as well as a multitude of themes that all connected back to the central message regarding the sustaining of life. The website, also, gave us means to utlize a multitude of different aspects that greatly enhanced our project as a whole, such as the use of GIFS, pictures, and writing in order to portray a greater theme. The video, also, worked well in the portraying of a central theme by focusing the attention of the audience and drawing the eyes of the readers to particular ideas and stresses that forced them to recognize the different aspects of what we were presenting.

The primary lesson learned from this project included the fact that I can combine a multitude of different mediums of communication to deliver a larger idea with a central, appealing theme. I, also, learned of the importance of utilizing quotes in order to support an arguement as words from a professional within the field can work to greatly reduce confusion and provide significantly more clarity while making the overall arguement feel more legitimate. These two different aspects of our project can work to enhance all aspects of communication that we desire to utilize in order to deliver a message with a central theme.

If I could change anything about my project, I would have tried even harder to connect all aspects of the project back to the central theme in order to avoid any semblance of confusion in the overall communication of the writing in the project. In addition to this, I would liked to go into further detail in the video regarding the two texts we chose and why we chose these texts.