Throughout the duration of this project, the most difficult aspect of planning and creating our article was the process of finding the most interesting aspect of the article that would most likely attract the interest of people simply glancing through, looking for keywords to focus their respective interests on. This process, though difficult, was essential as it prompted us to focus not on what was interesting to us as tech students and not only on the information and processes described in the video, but, also, what would appeal to our audience which may or may not have an extensive experience in astronomy or, even, science in general. In order to combat this problem, we chose to make the largest sections of our article about what we felt was most likely to appeal to our audience which included facts and theories from Albert Einstein, facts about the actual LIGO facility itself, facts about the results and how the interpretation of those results opened up an entire new field of science, and how this impacts us and further research by being able to learn more from the processes that go into the creation of our universe.

I contributed to the overall group work as a whole by analyzing what the results were and how those impacted the specific findings of the particular field that they can be found to occupy. I stuck to the plan and outline that we had created before meeting, the writing of my particular section, in order to facilitate the creation of the article in its entirety.

Our transformation was effective as it focused on the factors of the information presented that we thought were most interesting to our audience in general. I felt that our article did well in its description of the data obtained as well as the historical and academic impacts of these findings. However, I feel that we should have been in closer contact so that a most of our transitions would not be questions which would help to provide a little more variation within the writing style of the article.

Our desired medium, a short article, accommodated our purpose of providing an informative, short, and entertaining mode of presenting information by means of focusing on what we thought our audience wanted to hear and considering the multiple viewpoints of our audience while, also, being able to consider the scientific aspects and facts that went into the creation of the piece.