Short Article:

We chose a short article as it is one of the most effective methods of condensing a great deal of information without overwhelming an audience. Also, a short article can prove to have an entertaining aspect to it which would, further, cause a reader to remember and understand the material being presented.  This video is of great importance as it pertains to the arising of a new field of science known as “Gravitational Wave Astronomy.”

→ More “popular science”

→ Think about a publication that already exists (clearer understanding) (specific audience? Like readers of a particular magazine ish?)

— Make a logo?

— Venu (HowStuffWorks: )

→ Lots of translation

→ How to use images, audio etc. that can differentiate from original movie( use GIFS)

→ Why is it interesting

Idk just idea – with a written article you can skim through to see if you’re interested?


Revised Text (Presentation):


Presentation (Video), around 3 minutes/person:

→ Albert Einstein and general relativity (2-3 min)

*Show the video on youtube (link?)

→ What the general public might know about space and what they think about it (2-3 min)

→ Appeals of the video

  • Graphics (Sarah)
  • Lady
  • Pictures dates — Sept14
  • LIGO — the name
  • the facility/technology — Einstein didn’t have the technology to prove it (Dylan)

→ Why we chose to write the article vs other modes we could have

  • It’s a big topic → challenging to put it into a short article and we wanted to challenge ourselves
  • We wanted to bring the good word to the people
  • Easier to keep the attention of the readers
  • Draws people in
  • We wanted to explain a deeper concept on a more general basis
  • Why each of us, as an individual chose this topic

→ What we learned about communicating science

→ What do you think about it? (Class discussion)


On our website:

→ link to the video (possibly Youtube or Vimeo) (Link to the presentation)


What we found interesting:

Caleb: Honestly what I find the most striking about this video is the fact that after 100 years of research, Einstein’s theory was proven, cuz that’s insane that a guy with pretty much just his mind and some simple instruments was able to predict the existence of this stuff.


Sarah: I found the video interesting because the finding is based on the collision of black holes that occurred 1.3billion years ago. It’s like we’re looking back in time.

Dylan: I thought the condensing of serious, large-scale information into a bite sized presentation was most important as it address ideas such as the creation of the universe, and therefore all life,  and works of Albert Einstein and connects it to a larger theme of gravitational waves.


Sunday 11am at CULC in front of Starbucks

Around 100 words per person (More would never hurt)-be done by sunday morning before meeting

History(Albert Einstein Stuff) (Karissa)

Spacetime (Sarah)

LIGO facility (Caleb)

Results (Dylan)

How it affects us, why we should care (Matias + everyone)