Let’s do our due diligence

Hello and welcome to Due Diligence with Dylan! Together we will seek to expand our knowledge regarding science and communication within a world dominated increasingly by globalization and interaction that has occurred on a scale never before seen in history. Science can be argued to be and is, many times, seen as the primary pillar that our society and, even, the world in general relies on to solve a multitude of issues ranging from the environment to human health to finding newer, cleaner forms of sustainable energy. We all hear about the wonders and creations that the labs and researchers provide us with on a daily basis, but why is that? Science has provided us with means of living longer, happier, more fulfilled, and certainly more convenient lives but have you ever considered how you happened to hear about these new innovations? Have you considered how these innovations were able to reach such a massive audience and change the lives of so many? Have you considered why you support or believe in these findings? Join me, Dylan, as we delve into the processes and confluences behind how science and facts in general intersect with culture and communication skills to develop from a simple spark of enlightenment to a far-flung flame of development as we seek to do our due diligence.