Common First Week Video Reflection


The process of creating my common first week video was largely the result of free writing and testing the limitations of the software I had on my computer for video editing; after I had finished compiling all of my ideas in the form of a free write, I was able to remove the excess details and descriptions so that the script would fit within the required timeframe. I felt that the initial step of free writiing proved highly effective as it allowed me to truly focus on all of my previous communication experiences and discover the similarities between those experiences and  where I seemed to be having the most trouble. My next step, however, I felt was the least effective because I was more focused on trying to utilize the features of the video editing software on my computer rather than just, simply, keeping the plans I had for the creation of the video which greatly increased the amount of time it took to film the video adn get it submitted.

I was most satisfied with the beginning of my project as I am a firm believer that if an individual is able to attract the attention of the audience at the beginning of a video or presentation, then, the overall message and theme will be more likely to be remembered by the viewers. I felt that my ability to provide concrete examples, narration, and pictures truly displayed and helped the audience to visualize my challenge. I was, also, satisfied with the anecdote that I was able to deliver in the video as I feel that it allowed the audience to further understand my communication challenge by providing a personal aspect to it.

If I could redo any part of my common first week video project, I would have chosen to film the video in a different setting. I filmed the video in the lounge of my residence hall which had poor lighting and a backgroung that was reletively bare and did not contribute to the overall message of my video.


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